This is War.

Palestinian Blogger.


“No one cares about you unless you’re pretty or dying.”
I read this somewhere a while ago. And as a teenager living in the 21st century with dozens of social media websites at my fingertips, I’ve always thought it held some sort of truth, until this day.

It’s been over 2 weeks since the Israeli aggression has started on Gaza, and all you hear about it are numbers, a lot of them.
The number of people killed, the number of injuries, the number of homes, mosques and hospitals bombed, the number of rockets launched, number of people who fled their homes and a lot more.
Well i’m not gonna mention any specific figures, because first: I got really bored of them. Second: by the time anyone reads this, the actual numbers would have had probably doubled or tripled. Third: I personally don’t think -and I guess many of you agree- that numbers…

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